Navigating The Nuances Of Hospitality With Precision

Within the vibrant and competitive landscape of hospitality, we offer nuanced legal guidance, becoming partners in your journey from inception to legacy.

Deal Structuring

Crafting the optimal structure for capital transactions, including shareholder and operating agreements, investment documents, SBA and bank loans, restaurant and hotel purchases and sales.

Licensing and Management Transactions and Joint Ventures

We help you navigate the process to close successful restaurant and hotel arrangements between operators and owners.

Real Estate & Leasing

Realize your vision with strategic real estate guidance tailored to hospitality.

Employment Matters

Foster a harmonious workplace with proactive employment legal strategies.

Dispute Resolution

Navigate disagreements with clarity, fostering resolutions that safeguard your interests.

Day-to-Day Transactions

Guiding you through the transactions critical to your business, such as key vendor contracts, catering and off-site event agreements, alcohol license sales, and lending.

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